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Did you know that the human body has an estimated 50-75 TRILLION cells? These cells exist and die off at various rates, depending on their function.

Turnover rate for stomach lining is about 5 days, skin is 2-4 weeks, adult liver is 1-1.5 years and the entire skeleton is approximately10 years. Without any conscious thought about it, our bodies are continually letting go of the old and welcoming in the new. This is the natural flow of life.

Letting go of the old and welcoming in the new is the natural flow of life.

We see it everyday in natural processes, probably so often the significance of it gets lost on us. The completion of winter creates space for the new life of spring. A child’s tooth falls out because a new one is ready to emerge. A snake sheds an entire layer to show off its brand new skin.

And we utilize this order with intentional work as well. Land is cleared to use for farming or to build a house. Old buildings are removed to make way for the skyscraper or parking lot. Old carpet is ripped out before new flooring is installed.

The universal principle at work here is that life shows up in the space created for it.  And there is something extraordinarily gracious in nature’s approach to this process—its willingness to complete the old and give way to the new. It doesn’t fight and resist it. It doesn’t hold on and cling to it. It allows. It moves WITH the rhythm and flow of God’s divine order to make all things new.

Life shows up in the space created for it.

Nature loves being made new. It celebrates being made new. It willingly gives up, lets go, clears out and dies to the old. It is a joyful partner in completing what already is in order to create space for what must come. So why don’t we? As humans we struggle when we want the new but are unwilling to complete the old.

We want great health but are unwilling to let go of habits that created our poor health. We want a new life partner but are unwilling to cut the emotional ties with our ex. We want the new career that offers great fulfillment but are unwilling to leave the security of a steady paycheck. We want to experience passion in our marriage but are unwilling to release the resentments we’re still holding against our spouse.  But consider that without new space there is no room for new life.

Notice how nature moves with the rhythm and flow of God’s divine order

to make all things new.

There is a way to align our lives to move WITH God’s natural order instead of struggling in opposition against it. Specifically, a way to bring forth something new where something old already exists.  Come back next week for Graceful Goodbye Part 2 to discover a vital distinction that will empower you in making room for whatever it is you want in your life.

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Becky Henderson
Becky Henderson
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